An entity report. Witness Cambero. No further details
  • Pereira 1974 case 31, citing O Cruzeiro, 15 January 1954.

February 1954.
Mr and Mrs Forster saw an object on the ground. By it stood a woman wearing luminous clothing, with a sort of hood and thick glasses. She held a tube in one hand and a box in the other. Mrs Forster had to be taken to hospital in a state of shock.
  • Vallee Case 125, citing Gray Barker.
Spring 1954. 0240hrs
Mr B was walking home along a small path when he heard a sound like a hammer striking an anvil, and a few seconds later, when he gone a further 20-25m, he heard a voice. He first thought the sounds came from a nearby house and carried on his way, down a terrace on some private property. There, after he had only gone a few steps, he encountered no more than 10m away, a brilliantly luminous disc, the upper part of which was more curved, and with a small dome in the centre. The left hand side of the disc was shining like gold. This disc was about 5m in diameter, 1.2m thick and was suspended about 1m above the ground. To the left stood a slim, well-proportioned being, about 1.6km tall, wearing a tight fitting one piece suit, which shone with a white phosphorescent glow, and which covered its head. The being gave B a feeling of harmony and sympathy. As B approached, this being, which had had its back turned to him, turned round and gave a start of surprise. The being’s face was covered by a veil of the same material from the forehead to the chin. The first being then spoke a few words to a second one, which only now came to B’s attention. Though clad in the same kind of suit, this second being was smaller and less well proportioned, with a large head.

As this second being turned round it touched something like a pocket torch that it was wearing on its abdomen. As B took a step forward, a beam of white light came from this object, hitting and gradually paralysing him. The beam grew until the funnel was 20cm by 20cm. B now had difficulty in hearing, seeing and breathing. The two beings continued to exchange a few words in their incomprehensible but articulate language, and the second one came up to within 60cm of B, who could now estimate its height as between 1.45-1.46m. It then lifted its veil to reveal a “horrible” toothy grin, a high, wide forehead, pointed chin, thin “eagles beak” nose, thin lips, a wispy beard on its right cheek and darkish skin. The eyes were set farther apart than normal and were larger and more globular than a human’s, and consisted of just a white globe with no pupil or iris, and from its left eye their rolled a thick brown tear. This figure then left its veil drop down and gestured to B to follow it, with impatient gesture, but was then calmed down by the larger being, and they walked back to the machine, which they re-entered with some difficulty. B was unable to see exactly how they entered, but heard two metallic sounds, after the second of which he passed out.

When he recovered his senses, the object was at 10m altitude, some 50-70m away, spinning anticlockwise and making a humming sound. On its upper outer periphery the machine had three or four ripples; there was a smaller bulge at half the radius and in the centre top, a second, larger, protuberance. There were two illuminated portholes on at least one of these bulges, through which he had the impression that an unveiled figure was observing him. The object had now lost its luminosity and appeared grey, and he noticed an indefinable smell. The machine then emitted a powerful flash that lit up the countryside and took on a golden hue with an orange halo, and spiralled up to 500-600m in a few seconds, remained stationary for a few seconds, then moved off, horizontally, slowly at first, emitting sparks, which increased as it accelerated. It vanished at high speed, leaving a long trail of sparks. B was very shaken by the experience. Next day he returned to the site and noticed trampled and flattened grass, but was too afraid to investigate.
  • FSR 21, 2, p.17, citing J. Chasseigne in LDLN 126 citing his own investigation.
March 1954, 1700hrs.
Ruben Hellwig was driving from Santa Maria to the rice plantation he ran near Passo des Croves, when he observed a strange object standing 50m from the right hand side of the road. He first ignored it, but was then overcome by a strange feeling of curiosity and drew up. It was an object shaped like a rugby ball, about the size of a Volkswagen. He could see two slim men, about 1,6m tall, one seated in a small cabin in the front of the object, the other outside, picking up quantities of grass and handing them to its colleague. Their faces were uncovered, revealing their brown complexions. Seeing Hellwig watching them, the two exchanged a few words, and the one outside came up to Hellwig, carrying a litre bottle of a reddish liquid. It greeted Hellwig courteously, and though it spoke in an unknown language, Hellwig somehow knew that it wanted ammonia for its machine. He told them that they could get this at the nearby town of San Pedro do Sul, at which the being thanked him and returned to their machine and re-entered it. The craft was then surrounded by a bluish-yellow luminosity, which made it appear spherical. From each side of the object merged tubes 5-7.5 cm long, from which a sort of yellow flame appeared and the craft disappeared at once without a sound.

Early the next morning, having spent the night someway further along the road, Hellwig drove another 4km, where he encountered what appeared to be the same machine on the left hand side of the highway. The occupants were a tall, fair complexioned, man and two women with light brown complexions, large dark slant eyes and long silky black hair. All three were dressed in similar brown, suede one piece suits, with a zip top to bottom. They called over Hellwig and expressed surprise that he was not afraid. They explained that they were scientists seeking information about the earth, praised Brazil, said that they possessed weapons of such destructive power that they fled rather than use them, and showed him one, a devise about 20cm long. They then showed him their craft, which was less than 3m long, with a cabin 90cm long, not much more than 1m high, and appeared to consist of a transparent metallic material. They explained the working of the craft, explained their social and political order and said they came from a star further than the furthest star known on earth. They seemed to have some sort of hypnotic influence on Hellwig. They told him to stand back and when their craft took off he just felt a light, soundless breeze. They said they would return and take him one a trip.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966, p.33 + FSR 12, 6, p.27 citing Diario de Noticias 25 August 1965)
April 6 1954, 1630hrs.
Mrs Lelah H Stoker of North Sheridan Road had returned to her apartment from the library, when she observed a very brilliant white, parachute like object, with a suspended human form skimming over the water in all directions, level with her window, about 1km away. She called two neighbours, William Baruszak, a vice president of Western United Dairy, and his wife. Mr Baruszak saw a large oval object floating about 100m off shore, which he took to be an experimental balloon and did not take much notice. At 1645 Lelah called the coastguard, but as the searching seaplane neared the area, the object descended and seemed to condense in size, landing among sporadic foliage along the shoreline. From the object a small, but well-proportioned humanoid figure, dressed in a green one-piece suit, with a tight fitting headdress, alighted, walked up and down the frontage behind the low stone wall, and blended in with the grass. After the aircraft left, the object reflated and hovered over the water, and the occupant, who was now suspended in the air, re-entered the craft, which took off at high speed eastwards, without noise. During a tilt, Lelah noticed two parallel bars on the underside of the spherical umbrella. Investigated by Army Intelligence.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 159, p.9, citing Blue Book Files.

May 1954 (approximate date) Midday
Mr and Mrs J and their five year old daughter had just sat down for their midday meal in their one storey cottage in the outskirts of Norco, when they became aware of a metallic drone that increased in volume. Mr J was crippled with arthritis, so Mrs J and her daughter went out to investigate. They saw, coming through the haze, an object moving slowly (c 8kph) over their heads. It positioned itself above a tree about 4.5m from the cottage. The metallic drone toning down to a faint hum. The object was 6m long, 3m wide and resembled an aluminium coloured rowing boat. The only visible feature was a transparent dome on top, in which they could see five men sat in a semi-circular position, facing them. These men wore “neutral coloured” suits and helmets and had dull olive skins, dark eyes and hair, and rather long faces. The men then leaned forward and looked at them; one in particular seemed to gaze right through them and gave Mrs J an impression of a “cold scientific mind”. After about a minute they leaned back in their seats, the droning noise increased and the object moved off north east into the haze at 55kph. Mr J heard the sounds as the others described them. Mrs J got the impression that the object “earthly” and “old”.
  • Donald B Hanlon in FSR 14, 3, p.15 citing his own investigation.

May 13 1954, 2230hrs.
Commander Horatio Penrose was driving along the Derby-Buxton road near here, when a bright light approached and the car crashed/ He felt the car being lifted through the air with a light above him. The car landed on some iron railings and he was lifted from it by a man in a one piece suit, who lifted him through an entrance on the underside of a large round object, giving off a bright light, and was taken into a room with control panels, where there were both men and women, with short hair, wearing one piece suits. He was questioned about his work and then given an injection of green fluid after which he lost consciousness, recovering it hospital.
  • Margaret and Geoffrey Westwood in FSR 23, 4, p.23, citing their own investigation.

May 30 1954, 2025hrs.
Radio announcer Christopher Muir, radio station employee David Reese (18) and four other people, stood talking at the gate saw a glowing oval object, the size of a tram, descend rapidly on a curving trajectory to about 20m, and then curve upwards emitting cloud of orange-yellow smoke from the rear. It seemed to disappear in mid-flight. Reese and two other witnesses saw shadowy figures like busts in the transparent object. Observed for about five seconds.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976.
  • Holledge 1965 p.53.
  • Wilkins 1967b, p.47.
  • Round Robin X, 2, p.23 (gives date as June 6th)

June 1954, 1430hrs.
A professional man, who did not want his name to be used, was driving along a country road when his dog began to yelp and bark. After 10-15 seconds he heard an annoying loud hiss that grew to an unbearable level. The man got out and saw, at about 200m altitude, a strange object descending vertically and rapidly into an open space between two thickets. Curled up in the bushes, he saw the object land on a tripod landing gear 20m away. He saw that it was a squat object, 10m long, 7m wide, 3m high, and grey in colour. It was ovoid with a transparent front and a squat tail on which there were some openings, with two smaller openings on the underside, near the landing gear. In the centre of the top was an azure coloured prominence.

After two or three minutes two beings emerged from the underside and opened three hatches on the side, from which they took metallic boxes that they placed on the ground. These beings were almost 2m tall and walked stiffly, as if they had not walked for some time. They were dressed in azure overalls and helmets, and their faces were covered by dark glasses. After a further two or three minutes the beings stood up and returned the boxes to the object,. One of these being set out to the maize field, where it walked around, examined some plants and picked up others, which it took back to the object, where it showed them to its companion, then placed them in a glassy container. They walked around the object and re-entered it through the underside. The hiss returned as the object rose rapidly to 300m, then moved off to the north, disappearing in a short while. The witness detected an odour like ozone at the site. At the maize field he found some plants cut out from the ground, six of them in a transverse cut. There were also impressions like those of a helicopter.
  • Maurizio Verga citing Il Giornale dei Misteri 42, citing investigation by the group GORU.

Summer 1954, daytime.
Maureen Garner suddenly encountered, in her home, a very tall man dressed in a metallic blue, seamless “siren suit” and translucent helmet. He seemed to lack a lower jaw bone and the lower part of his face appeared curiously immobile. Maureen felt compelled to look at the being’s eyes. After a time it just disappeared.
  • COSMOS 1, 7, p.5.

Summer 1954 (approximate date)
Lynn (8) was playing ball with a friend when she glanced upwards to see a silver wingless aircraft, with neither tail plane nor markings. Along its side was a row of windows, looking out from which were two humanoid figures; one was a woman, the other a man of about 19-20 years old with light coloured hair. The woman smiled at her. The object was stationary at rooftop height. The young boy she was playing with also saw this. She glanced away and when she glanced back the object at figures had vanished.
  • NUFON News 50, p.5, citing Derek James and Phil Barnett.
Summer 1954 2300.
A worker was bicycling home when, suddenly, a circle of light descended from the sky and landed in a field near the road. From it emerged came two human-like beings wearing helmets with antennae. The witness tried to accelerate away, but he had a feeling he was pedalling in a vacuum. A peasant in the area also claimed to have seen some strange individual in the countryside.
  • Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130,p.16 citing LDLN 130.
July 2 1954, afternoon
Miner Enzio Lasarza (25) encountered a landed object, 7.5m diameter, with six legs, three sets of projections with claw like endings, and automatic, “ear like” spurs on top. From it emerged three beings 3.9m tall, with strange burning eyes that made him faint. The object broadcast radio messages. Both the provincial police and the air force investigated and considered the case a hoax.
  • Musgrave 1979, p.42 case 24, citing Sudbury Daily Star, 6 July 1954 + Blue Book Case 3084 + Keyhoe 1955, p.184.
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  • Keel, p.136 citing Interplanetary News Service, 7 July 1954.
August 1954.
A man saw a luminous sphere with little beings around it in a field of cut corn, and ran away.
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN files.
August 7 1954, 1930hrs.
Gabriel (13) and Henri (11) Coupal had gone into one of the fields on their farm near Hemmingford, to pick some peas. They heard a sound like the buzzing of bees and Gabriel looked up to see a luminous multi-coloured sphere, 2.7m in diameter, descending near a barn. As it hovered a few metres above the ground, the sphere turned black and a shaft appeared on the bottom and descended to the ground, making a sort of ladder. A circular opening appeared, as did a very tall (2.1-2.4m) man dressed in a skin tight rubber suit. His head was apparently bare, revealing a white face, large round eyes and close cropped black hair. The boys panicked and ran away; Henri looking back and seeing the being following them. Their mother, Mrs Phillip Coupal went to the scene, and while the being was no longer there, she saw the sphere and kept it under observation for more than an hour, during which time it briefly touched down several times in the neighbourhood. It was observed by a large number of people, including agronomist. C. E. Petch and Mr and Mrs Douglas Laurie over whose home it briefly hovered. It took off with a brilliant orange glow. Mr Petch examined the landing site and found traces in the ground and skid marks on the grass, 4.5m long.
  • Ted Bloecher in FSR 20, 3, p.26 citing investigation by Dr Adolph Dittmar + The Huntington (PQ) Gleaner, 18 August 1954.
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  • Constance 1956, p.277. The date of the boys’ interview with Dittmar 28 August is often given as the date of the event.
August 20 1954, 1400hrs.
Edith Jacobsen (24) and her sister, Mrs Asta Solvang (32) were berry picking with their uncle, Haldvan Jacobsen. Haldvan had wandered off on his own and the two women had gone into a nearby fen, when they encountered a man in the distance. They first thought he was another berry picker, then he came and addressed them in a strange, melodious language, which they were sure was neither English, German, French, Spanish or Russian. He was well proportioned, with long wavy hair, was of medium height, rather dark in complexion, with slightly oblique eyes. He had “beautiful” hands with long fingers, and was dressed in what looked like an overall, lacking zips and fasteners, but with a broad belt at his waist. He appeared “good” and friendly, and when he realised that they could not understand him, he drew some circles on a sort of pad and gestured for them to follow him. He led them to a grey-blue contraption, shaped like two giant pot lids placed rim to rim, perhaps 3m in diameter, and 1.35-1.5m high. He motioned them not to approach any closer, and entered the object through a hatch on the top of the rim, which he shit behind him. The object then rose up, spinning on its own axis, and humming like a bee. It hovered for a moment at 30m, started rotating very fast, then rose at tremendous speed and disappeared. The story emerged when Asta told her husband. The USAF announced that the women had encountered a US helicopter pilot, but both she and the pilot denied this claim. Their uncle was positive he had never been more than a few minutes’ walk from the ladies and had seen nothing.
  • FSR 1, 4, p.8, citing an article by Finn and Norstrom in an unidentified magazine citing their own investigation.
  • Hans Bloedu, Oddvar Larsen and Hans Almaas in MUFON UFO Journal 161, p.9, citing their own investigation.
  • Girvan 1955, p.132, citing Daily Mail 26 August 1954.
August 23 1954.
Elsie Blanc approached an object looking like an aluminium trailer with two small beings, grunting like pigs, standing close by. The object took on a fiery colour and flew away.
  • Vallee case 137, citing Vallee 1967, p.129.
Late August/Early September 1954
At an undisclosed location, Mr Ferreira, a landowner met two beings 2.4m tall, dressed in metallic suits, which emerged from a cup shaped object.
  • Wilkins 1956. p.228.
September 1954 2015.
John Jacob Swain (12), the son of a farmer near Coldwater, was coming in from the fields on his father’s tractor, when he saw a small figure about 120m away, who disappeared behind a terrace in the field. He drove up to the terrace and saw, no more than 6m away, behind the terrace, a small figure crouching down. As it jumped up, John saw that it was the size of a five year old child (c 1.05-1.2m tall), with very long pointy ears and nose. It was dark, wore shiny clothing and had two cylinders on its back. The figure looked at John then floated or flew over a small hill toward a disk shaped object hovering 1.5m above the ground. An opening appeared through which the little creature entered. The object then lit up and took off at high speed. The sheriff investigated and next day went with John and his parents to the site, where they found wedge shaped marks in the soft dirt. Some accounts say these marks were footprints 12cm long, 5cm wide, with extremely narrow heels. There were about 100 of them in a circle.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966, p.53 + Lorenzen 1967 pp.28, 119 both citing Lincoln Star undated but late September 1954 + letter from John Swain to Rev. Albert Balle, 3 October 1954
  • Wilkins 1967b, citing Wichita Evening Eagle not dated
  • Jessup 1957a, p.232 citing Pratt Daily Tribune, 14 September 1954.
September 1954, 2030hrs.
A 20 year old teacher, Mrs Decalf, saw an object emitting lights and sparks. Several little figures were seen near it. No traces were found
  • Alain Gamard, citing an undated 1970 issue of Nord Matin.
September 3 1954 (approximate date), 2355hrs.
Jean Dumont was driving his car when his headlights went out, and he saw, in a field, a high, round object with three men. The object took off vertically to the east. The observation lasted two minutes. The witnesses sketch shows a conical object with two spots halfway up the surface.
  • Alain Gamard citing Gerard Barthel citing Cuquel L’Honor de Cas Investigation LDLN files.
September 10 1954, 2035hrs.
Farmer Antoine Mazaud was walking home to Mourieras, along a quiet country road, after working in his oat fields 1.5km from the village, had just finished a cigarette in a little wood and restarted on his way. In the gathering darkness he encountered a normal sized man wearing a form of motorcycle helmet. Shaken by the unexpected appearance of a stranger in this remote region, Antoine grabbed his pitchfork. After remaining motionless the stranger approached, making a sort of gesture above his head and bowing low. Antoine now decided he was dealing with a madman, and so when he was right in front of him, Antoine held out his hand to the stranger, who shook it hard, then pulled him right up, drawing Antoine’s head against his helmet. Very shaken Antoine muttered a greeting. The stranger made no reply and went into the shadow of the woods a few metres away, where it seemed he got down on his knees. A few seconds later Antoine heard a low hum and saw a dark cigar shaped object 4.5-6m long, swollen one on side, rise almost vertically among the branches, pass under the high tension wire and disappear in the sky towards Limoges, where, a few minutes later, witnesses saw a red disc with a blue trail flying east to west. Antoine arrived home white and trembling. Police investigations found no traces.
  • Michel 1958, p.40.
  • Vallee case 143 citing Le Parisien + Combat + L’Aurore all 14 Sept 1954.
September 10 1954, 2230hrs.
Marius Dewilde (34), a metal worker at the Blanc-Misseron steel works, was at reading by the fire in his house in a wooded area 1.5km from Quarouble, his wife and son having gone to bed, when the dog outside began howling. Thinking there was a prowler, he went to investigate. From his garden he noticed a dark mass, which he took to be a farmer’s cart, on the railway tracks, less than 6m away. Just then his dog crawled up to him, and he heard footsteps to his right. Turning his flashlight, he saw, behind the fence 3-4m away, not the expected smugglers (Quarouble is close to the Belgian border), but two creatures dressed in one piece divers’ suits, with their heads encased in divers’ helmets. They were only about 1m tall, but very broad shouldered, and their helmets looked enormous. Their legs appeared small and he was unable to see any arms.

Marius rushed to the garden fence to grab one of the creatures, but as he got within 2m, he was blinded by a brilliant beam, like a magnesium flash, coming from a square opening in the dark mass on the railway tracks. He found himself paralysed, unable to move or cry out, and while in that state heard the creatures depart towards the railway. When the beam of light went out he recovered his senses and saw the dark mass hovering of the railway and a sort of door closing, thick black steam was coming out of the bottom of this object, with a low whistle. The object then rose up to 30m then turned east towards Anzin, becoming a reddish luminosity then disappearing. Marius, in a state of shock, woke his wife, and then reported the matter to the police at Onnaing about 1.5km away in an extremely agitated manner.

Police investigations found that in five places, on three of the wooden sleepers, identical depressions about 345mm square, fresh and sharply cut, three in a row 45cm apart on one tier, the other two on either side of the lie formed by these three and 70cm from it. The gravel in the rail bed appeared brittle as if subjected to a high temperature, and blackish traces were found. The prints were such that it was calculated that a weight of 30 tons would have been need to produce them.
  • Michel 1958, p.44.
  • Vallee 1969, p.17.
  • Vallee Case 144 citing Le Parisien + Combat+ Le Figaro, all of 13 September 1970.
September 10 1954.
Town councillor Pierre Delveen saw a hairy being emerge from a spherical object.
  • Alain Gamard citing Kolisimo 1970, p.353.
September 19 1954 (approximate date) Night.
A bicyclist saw a disc shaped object on the ground in a field close to the road. Two little beings were seen; one of them erected some sort of apparatus with a screen, and then talked with a figure that appeared on this screen. They then entered the disc, taking this apparatus with them. When one of the beings broke a branch of a nearby tree, the witness fled in terror.
  • Jacques Bonabot, citing Zendagsblad, 26 Sept 1954.
September 17 1954, 2230hrs.
Yves David (28) of Pontgame was cycling from Vouneuil-sur-Vienne to Cenon, on this dark night, when at a place called Le Pontereau just outside Cenon, a wooded area, he felt a sort of prickling in his body, like an electric shock. This forced him to stop and dismount, this causing his bicycle lamp to fail. The prickling intensified and he felt paralysed. In the darkness, as his eyes adjusted he saw ahead of him on the road, an object about 3m long and 1m high. After a time he saw a silhouette move towards him from the dark object, this resolved itself into a small being, much smaller than an adult man, that came up to Yves, touched him on the shoulder and utter a sound “inhuman and incomprehensible”, then moved back to the strange object, where it disappeared. A few seconds later this dark mass emitted a greenish light and took off at high speed. According to Alain Gamard this story is a press invention.
  • Michel 1958, p.58.
  • Vallee Case 147, citing Le Figaro + La Croix + France Soir + Le Parisien, all 30 September 1954.
September 19 1954, 2115hrs
Policeman Louis Moll observed a bright light that appeared in the east crossed the sky, slowed down and came down east of Tromborn. From a distance he saw the object land and its luminosity diminish. It appeared to be the size of a small bus. After 40 seconds the light became reddish and he thought he saw a dark silhouette moving in front of it. Then the object rose up vertically, looking like a red ball that flattened as it moved off to the southeast. Another witness at Tromborn saw luminosity behind the hills, and at Vaudreching, 5km to the west, electrician Rene Paul saw an elongated object with luminous neon light pass over.
  • Michel 1958, p.63.
  • Vallee Case 149, citing Le Parisien 23 September 1954.
September 20 1954, 2300hrs.
A guard, Vitorino Lourenco Monteiro, saw an object 3.5m in diameter and 1.5m deep land on the airfield and a figure emerge from it, that said something that Vitorino could not understand. The machine, which had antenna like protrusions on its top, then took off.
  • Vallee Case 150.
September 24 1954.
Cesar Cardoso and three friends were near this village when they saw strange craft land. From it emerged three beings about 2m tall, who were dressed in shiny aluminium suits. They cut flowers and branches from trees and placed them in a shiny box. They invited the witnesses to enter their machine, but they refused, and the beings climbed back into the craft, which took off at high speed, emitting sparks.
  • Wilkins 1956, p.58 citing letter from Cardoso in Diario de Lisboa 28 September 1954. The story is almost certainly a hoax .
September 26 1954, 1430hrs.
Mrs Leboeuf was gathering mushrooms from the wood near the cemetery, when her dog started to bark and howl. She saw the dog standing at the edge of the wheat field confronting what at first looked like a scarecrow. Going closer she saw it was a creature with eyes larger than human ones, about 1m tall, wearing a sort of plastic translucent diving suit and helmet. The creature moved towards her with a quick waddling gait, at which she fled. Her dog was joined by the howling of other dogs, as a large circular flattened metallic object rose from behind some trees, with a whistling sound, crossed the wheat field and headed off to the north east. Her husband and some other people in the cemetery heard the howling and the whistle and so rushed to the scene, where they found Mrs Leboeuf in a state of collapse. At the site they found a circle of crushed shrubs and bushes 3m in diameter. A branch on an acacia at the edge of the circle was broken down; another acacia was stripped of its leaves at the height of 2.5m., and the first few metres of wheat in the track of the object were flattened out in radiating lines. Mrs Leboeuf was in bed with a high fever for two days, and was still shaking three days later.
  • Michel 1958, pp.83 + Vallee Case 156, citing Le Figaro + Combat + Le Parisien all of 30 Sept 1954.
  • Carrouges 1967, p.116
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September 27 1954. 0840hrs.
Children saw something like a box with an unknown man standing by it.
  • Vallee Case 158.
September 27 1954. Afternoon.
A high school student saw a circular object on the ground on the road to Lassus. Two “grotesque little creatures” got out of it, then e-entered the object and left. The boy was so shaken that his parents called the doctor
  • Michel 1958, p.88.
  • Vallee Case 159 citing France Soir, 2 October 1954)
September 27 1954. 2030hrs.
The four Romand children, Raymond (12), Janine (9), Ghislaine (8) and Claude (4) were playing in the barn of their isolated farm on a darkish, rainy, night, when the dog outside began to bark. Raymond, going out to investigate, encountered something like a vertical rectangle, split at the bottom. When Raymond threw stones at it, they bounced off with a metallic noise. He then shot a rubber arrow at it, before going to touch it. When he did this, he was thrown to the ground by a sort of ice cold invisible force. His sister Janine, alerted by his cry went outside and saw the thing waddling away. They retreated to the barn, and when they went back the thing had vanished. Their little brother Claude drew their attention to a large luminous ball oscillating slightly in a meadow 120-150m away. When police and officials arrived on the morning of the 29th, they found a circular area 3.5m diameter of flattened grass and flowers. There were four holes in the closely defined circle, arranged in a square, and a flagpole on the edge of the circle was scratched and marked. Investigators were impressed but according to Alain Gamard the story was actually made up for a school essay on “The Night I met the Martians)
  • Michel 1958, p.92, citing investigations by Captain Brustel and Charles Garreau.
  • Vallee Case 160, citing Ici Paris 11 October 1954 + La Parisien 1 October 1954; Paris-Presse 2 Oct 1954.
September 28 1954. 2230hrs.
A vineyard owner, Mr Mercier, was watching his vineyard at ‘Grand-Tetre’ hoping to surprise thieves. He was about to leave for home when he saw a luminous mass descending from the sky about 50m away. He found himself paralysed and saw the movement of three men near the light. He lost consciousness and when he came to, everything had gone. He fled to a nearby café to recover from his shock. Here people noted he was white and trembling.
  • Michel 1958, p.97, citing Berry Republicain, 29 September 1954.
September 30 1954, 0445hrs. D
While driving to work, laundry worker Lawrence Cardenas (45) slowed his car at a traffic light, and saw, to his right, in a field where a new road was being constructed, a group of 15 men around the derricks. They were about 1.6m tall, dressed in dark green uniforms, with lightly fitting skull caps that had sharp peaks at the front. A larger man, about 1.75m tall, dressed in a brown uniform, seemed to be addressing them in a language Lawrence could not understand. They all wore heavy goggles over their eyes and cylinders on their shoulders. A couple of seconds later Lawrence saw, 75m away, resting on the grass, a large oval machine with flickering coloured lights on its upper surface. It appeared to be 3,5m high, with smooth finned sides. The men appeared to be friendly and curious.
  • Wilkins 1967b, citing press reports but giving no details.
September 30 1954, 1630hrs.
Georges Gatay, the head of a team of eight construction workers, found himself walking away from the other workers in a kind of drowsy daze. Suddenly he encountered, less than 10m above him on a slope, a strange man. He was dressed in grey overalls, short boots and an opaque glass helmet with a visor coming down to his chest. In his hand he held an object than reminded Gatay of a pistol, and on his chest was a light projector. The stranger was standing in front of a large dome with a cupola, on top of which were rotating blades, hovering 1m above the ground. Suddenly the stranger just vanished, and the object took off with a loud whistling noise and the craft rose vertically in a series of jerks, until it too disappeared in a blue haze. During the episode Gatay and his co-workers. Messes Beurrois, Lubanovic, Sechet, Villeneuve, Rougier and Amiraut) were paralysed. The others saw the object and being. Following the incident Gatay suffered from insomnia, headaches and loss of appetite for a week. According to Alain Gamard this case as a hoax
  • Vallee 1969, p.68 + Vallee Case 165 citing Ici-Paris. 11 October 1954 + France-Soir 3 October 1954.
September 30 1954 (or following day) 1330hrs.
South of here, a woman going to fetch the washing in from the wind, saw two shiny discs on the ground in a field. She called her husband and for four or five minutes they watched these objects. She then suddenly saw two dwarfs by the objects. They appeared to be “aluminium men”, less than the height of a twelve year old child. They approached one another as if to talk, then went into one of the discs. Both discs took rapidly and disappeared.
  • Alain Gamard, citing La Depeche, 8 October 1954)
Autumn 1954 or following year). Daytime.
A man driving near Calgary observed a silvery disc, inside of which he could see a man with long black hair and leather jacket. The observation only lasted a few seconds. The man was later committed to a mental hospital where he claimed the figure was Jesus Christ.
  • Musgrave 1979, p.42 case 16, citing an undated CAPIC report.
October 1954 (or following month) 2300hrs.
Mrs Cresswell was in bed when she caught sight of an object, like two saucers stuck together with a central rim, over the rooftops at the back of the house. There were three small round protrusions on the underside of the silver grey object. Three square windows along its middle emitted a white glow. In the window to the right was a man dressed in a one piece suit, with a balaclava helmet. He was of slim build, appeared to be 1.5-1.8m tall, with a sallow complexion and dark penetrating eyes. He appeared to be touching controls or something in front with his fingers, and was lost to view at one point as he bent down. The craft made only the faintest humming sound as it moved in a slow rolling motion, passing overhead. Mrs Cresswell went to the front to follow it, as it disappeared from sight over the rooftops at the front. It was larger than an aircraft and appeared so low that she was afraid it might crash. Her mother also saw it, but she died several years before the investigation.
  • Graham Hall in NUFON News 48, p.4 citing his own investigation.
Early October 1954, 0700hrs.
A 12 year old schoolgirl was going to her catechism, when she saw an unidentified object hovering over her head. Two strange beings, armed with long knives got out. The girl was terrified.
  • Alain Gamard, citing Le Dauphine Libre 8 Octpber 1954. Gamard considered the case “dubious”.
October 1954. Daytime
Two farm women and two children were out walking in the Usselles when they saw a strange being of human size but covered with plentiful brown hair lying on a path. It had a round hairy head, extremely piercing eyes but no ears. It gestured with its arms to the witnesses, as if asking them to approach but they preferred to go round the longer way to avoid it. Later inhabitants armed with guns organised a search but nothing could be found of the being.
  • Alain Gamard, citing Info OVNI 10, citing La Montage-Aurilla 18 October 1954.
October 1 1954, 1845hrs.
Between Rue and Quend on Rte D 27, 4km from Ligescourt, Rene Coudette (18) and Bernard Devoisin (18) were cycling with a third witness, when they saw a luminous, orange, domed disc, 3m wide, 2m high, resembling a haystack or honeycomb, on the road 20m ahead of them. A man, the height of a child, dressed like a diver, stood by the machine. As the witnesses approached to within 70m, the little man hurried back to the object, which took off very rapidly.
  • Alain Gamard citing Abbeville Libre 8 October 1954 + Le Journal du Rue 9 October 1954 + Le Courrier Picard 4 October 1954 + La Voix du Nord 5 October 1954 + Radar 17 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.118.
  • Vallee case 183, citing Figaro 4 October 1954 + France Soir + Liberation + La Croix all 5 October 1954.
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.158.
October 1 1954, 1900hrs.
Two young men saw a luminous white disk moving in the sky. It dived to the ground and two very tall men dressed in white emerged from it and made gestures. The witnesses ran away,
  • Vallee Case 173.
October 1 1954, 2000hrs.
Near here , two businessmen, Messes Retier and Phelippeau, who were driving back from Royan saw a little man crossing the road in front of their car. Having stopped, they saw the figure disappear in the woods.
  • Vallee Case 174, citing Sud Oust 27 October1954.
October 1 1954, 2200hrs.
Fireman Jean Deafix was cycling to his apartment in Rue Berlin, along the track by the railway line, when he saw an intense light, which resolved itself into a fusiform object emitting three green flashes, descending at dizzying speed. He got home and was about to close the shutters when he observed the object again, emitting an intense light, much closer, apparently taking off from the ground. As he watched he saw a tripod landing gear retract on the underside of the hemispherical object. As this object took off it left a vacuum into which air rushed, almost pulling him forward. There was a whistling sound and the object took off into the clouds.

Next day he told his landlord, Marius Marot, with whom he lived, about the incident. Later that day Mr Marot’s neighbour, retired railwayman Jean Labonne, told Marot that at the same time as Deafix’s experience, he Labonne had gone to close the garden gate to the railway, when he caught sight of a mushroom shaped object on a piece of ground, 3m by 5m. The upper part was dark; the body of the object resembled Plexiglas and was luminous. Then, no more than 3m away, a shadowy figure stood up blocking Labonne’s path. He yelled out to the stranger, asking him who he was and what he wanted. The figure did not reply but turned around and walked back to the object, which took off seconds later leaving a luminous trail. Labonne saw the three landing legs being retracted. After a sleepless night Labonne went to investigate the site at dawn, where he found three slight impressions, and that strange, black, long-stemmed mushrooms had grown up overnight. He did not dare touch them and they volatised at the first rays of the sun.
  • Alain Gamard, citing J. Giraud, citing Rene Sampson and local press.
  • Vallee case 176, citing Figaro 6 October 1954 + France Soir 7 and 8 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p.130 (gives date as 3rd)
Early October 1954.
A man and his son saw a landed object in a field and a small man climbing up a ladder to get inside.
  • Alain Gamard citing L’Union 13 October 1954.
October 2 1954, 1845hrs.
Two creatures were seen on the ground and a couple of hours later a luminous red object was seen in the same spot at low altitude,
  • Vallee Case 178, citing Guy Quincy.
October 2 1954, 2000hrs.
Mechanic Ernest Delattre was riding home on his motor scooter when a brilliantly illuminated egg-shaped object landed on the left hand side of the road 15m away. He saw short dark shapes that resembled potato bags moving about the object. He sped up and saw this object, which was the size of a small bus, taking off, while its colour changed from orange to blue and then to greyish blue. Ernest was so shaken that he fainted while telling his story. Two people in neighbouring villages independently reported the story
  • Vallee case 180 citing “personal” information.
October 3 1954. 0545hrs.
Angelo Girardo (55), a stockyard employee was going to work, when, near the silo of the Bressuire farm co-operative, he saw a circular object 3m in diameter, and, standing close by, a small figure, wearing a diving suite, that walked towards him. As Angelo cycled away in terror, the little man re-entered the craft, which took off at a fantastic speed. Years later his widow claimed that the story was a hoax on his friends.
  • Michel 1958 p.130
  • Vallee Case 182 citing La Croix + France Soir + Liberation all 5 October 1954 + Figaro 4 October 1954 + Guieu 1956b, p.131.
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.158 + Perrira 1966 p.193.
  • Alain Gamard citing Pacaut 1978 p 177 and personal communication.
October 3 1954, 1600hrs.
A miner was canoeing on La Pause when he felt a prickling sensation on his back and saw the water boiling up near him. He looked up to see a bronze coloured oval object 9m in diameter, 3.6m thick that flew silently by. It then stopped and two small men with steel like claws, wearing transparent head gear and white rubbery suits emerged. They gathered vegetation and returned to the machine after about 10 minutes. Before leaving they “gargled” some words.
  • Musgrave 1979, p.42, case 17 citing Ferguson, 1977, p.167.
October 4 1954.
A farmer Mr Garreau saw a bell shaped object, the size of a carriage, land in his field. Two men of normal height emerged through a sliding door. They were European looking men wearing khaki overalls. They shook hands with Garreau and same something indistinct, which Garreau thought sounded like “Paris Nord?” They gave his dog a pat on the back, then re-entered the craft, which took off at an amazing speed.
  • Vallee Case 190, citing Franc-Tireur + L’Aurore + Liberation all 7 October 1954 + France Soir + Paris Presse 8 October 1954 + Vallee 1969 p.146.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.130 + Pereira 1966, p.195.
  • LDLN 126, p.24 suggests this might have been a helicopter and pilot.

October 4 1954, 0810hrs.
Mr Lacambre saw, near a brook 200m from his house, a little man, 90cm tall, with a brown, bare head, wearing leather breeches, shoes, belt and smock. Lacambre got out his hunting rifle and returned to the site. He saw the little man scooping up water with his hand from the brook, and picking up pebbles, which he put in his belt. As Lacambre got close, the little man said something like “ortin” or “ortou”. It had under each of its arms a pear shaped object the size of a sugar box. It flew away vertically and disappeared in 30 seconds. Lacambre saw size 21 footprints at the site.
  • Alain Gamard citing Sud-Ouest, 7 October 1954.

October 4 1954, 1840hrs.
10 year old Bertieuz saw an object like a tent and an unknown man near it. (Vallee Case 193, citing “Personal” information:: Vallee in FSR 10, 1, p.8)

October 5 1954.
A fisherman encountered a red clad being who spoke a strange language.
  • Vallee Case 195, citing Guy Quincy. Vallee in FSR 10, 1. p.9 + 10, 3, p.22.
October 5 1954, 0400hrs
A baker, Mr P Lucas was draining water from a well when he noticed, some distance away, a circular object about 3m in diameter. A dwarf with an oval face surrounded by hair and eyes “as large as raven’s eggs” emerged from it. It touched him on the shoulder and spoke to him in an unknown language. The dwarf went away and the object took off.
  • Vallee Case 196, citing Franc-Tireur + La Croix + Figaro all 7 October 1954.
  • Heiden, citing Carrouges 1967, p.141.
October 5 1954, 0715hrs.
A road mender, Mr Narcy, saw an object near the road between Veillecoate and La Neuville. In a report to police he said he saw a hairy dwarf wearing an orange tight-fitting jacket, climb aboard an object which comprised a cigar shaped section under a flat disk. Between the two sections was a kind of porthole, through which the entity entered the object. Traces were found at the site. According to Jacques Bonabot citing research by Jimmy Giraud and Mr Dubois this story was a hoax. Jacques Vallee in FSR 10, 3 p22 also labelled it a hoax.
  • Vallee Case 198, citing Le Parisien 7 October 1954 + Combat + L’Aurore + France Soir 8 October 1954, Journal du Dimanche 10 October 1954.
October 7 1954, morning.
Mr Manes Guesurtia was on his way to work when he noticed, at a distance, a mushroom shaped object. He walked across the field towards it and saw, on the ground, two red machines about 2m diameter. Beside them stood two little men about 80cm tall, who gestured to him, indicating that he should enter one of the machines. They entered the other one and it rose into the air without a sound. Looking through the open door of the other object Manes saw a third little man. Suddenly the door was closed and this second object also took off, displacing a slight current of air. Neighbours saw nothing, but grass in the field was crushed and yellow.
  • Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p,16 citing Sud-Ouest 9 October 1954.
October 7 1954, 1800hrs.
Claude (10) and Francoise (9) Lansselin were returning home an on an overcast evening. They were passing a newly ploughed field, when, in a hollow 200m away, they saw a red, luminous egg shaped object with its top pointing upwards. As they approached with 100m they saw a black “lid”, and at the same time two men of normal height appeared from the object. They were dressed in black and had black faces. The youngsters fled. When their father came to the field the machine and the men had vanished, leaving no traces.
  • Michel 1958, p 145.
  • Wilkins 1967b, p.242.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.129.
October 8 1954. 0230hrs.
Ghasema Fili of Amireah Street was on the second floor of his house when he a luminous white flying object stop in mid-air 80m away. Lights were shining from its rear and side. Inside he could see a small man dressed in black, with a trunk like that of an elephant. As Fili stood with both hands on the balcony staring at the object in astonishment, he suddenly felt as though he was being drawn to the object, as if by a magnet. He cried out in terror and woke his neighbours. The object shot straight up, emitting sparks and was lost to sight almost immediately.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13, 2, p.23 citing Etteela’at 15 October 1954.
  • Vallee Case 211, citing L’Aurore 13 October 1954.
October 8 1954, 1145hrs.
Four motorists passing Compiegne Avenue saw a humanoid walking along
  • Gamard, citing L’Union 13 October 1954.
October 8 1954, 2300hrs.
Chauffer Mr Puygelier (24) saw overhead, near Bel-Air, a luminous elongated object, resembling a gigantic egg, which descended close to the ground, oscillated a few seconds, then landed behind a hedge near the road. He drove on to St Claude in fright, but then returned with a colleague. Where the object had been they could make out, in the darkness, a human silhouette standing motionless on the roadside. At this place next morning a strip of burned vegetation 3m long was found, surrounded by an area of trampled grass.
  • Jean Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130, p.16 + Alain Gamard both citing La Charente Libre 11 October 1954.
October 9 1954.
A postal worker saw a cigar shaped object land. Two “approximately human” silhouettes were on board. According to Jacques Bonabot this case is a hoax.
  • Vallee Case 213, citing Le Figaro, 11 October 1954.
October 9 1954, 1600hrs.
As he was driving near Carcassonne, mechanic Jean Bertrand saw a bright metallic sphere flying low over the road ahead. Its lower part appeared to be made of shiny metal and its upper part of transparent plastic, though which he could see two humanoid forms standing inside. It took off rapidly towards the east.
  • Vallee Case 219, citing Paris-Presse 12 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.154.
  • Jean Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130, p.16 citing La Charente Libre 12 October 1954.
October 9 1954. Evening
Willi Hoge, a projectionist, was returning home to Munster when he saw a blue light and thought an aircraft was making an emergency landing. 70m from the road was a cigar shaped object with four men, wearing rubber overalls, working under it. They were about 1.2m tall, had very large chests and oversized heads, but their legs were short and thin.
  • Vallee Case 217, citing Le Parisien + Combat + Figaro all of 12 October 1954 + Interplanetary News Service 10 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.155.
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.160 + Guieu 1956b, + Pereira 1966, pp.180, 195.
October 9 1954, 1830hrs.
Four children, Gilbert Calda (12), Daniel Hirsh (9), Jean-Pierre Hirsch (5) and Robert Maguin (16) were roller skating when they saw a luminous object near the cemetery. It was round, about 2.5m diameter, and standing on three legs. A dwarf, about 1.2m tall, dressed in a black robe like the village priest and having a face covered in hair, and with large eyes, came out and said something in an unknown language. The children ran away but looked back in time to see the object flying away, high in the sky. A man also saw the object climbing.
  • Vallee Case 220, citing France Soir 12 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.154.
  • Heiden citing Guieu 1956b, p.1979.
  • Vallee 1969, p.54.
October 9 1954, 2030hrs.
On Rt N 631 at “La Caiffre” technician Jean-Pierre Mitto was returning from Toulouse with his two cousins when they saw two small figures, the height of 11 year old children, cross the road about 5m in front of the car and jump into a pasture. Stopping the car at once, they saw a large convex disc take off vertically. It was orange, 6m in diameter and appeared to be sucked up into the sky. Brown oily spots were found at the site. There were suggestions that this was a hoax by “two disguised journalists”
  • Michel 1958, p.154.
  • Vallee Case 222, citing Paris-Presse + Figaro 13 October 1954 + Sud-Ouest 9 October 1954.
  • Jacques Bonabot.
October 10 1954.
Marius Dewlide (q.v.) and his 4 year old son observed a disc, 6m in diameter, about 1m high, on the railway tracks. Seven little men emerged and spoke in an unknown language. The object then vanished without noise or smoke. Traces, which were larger and more symmetrical than the previous occasion, were discovered. He refused to report the case.
  • Vallee Case 226.
  • Vallee 1969, p.18.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges, 1967 p.152 citing France Soir 30 October 1954.

October 11 1954. 0210hrs
Between 0210 and 0245 Mr Arlaune saw, resting by the side of the road 15m away, an object with humanoid occupants. (Alain Gamard citing LDLN files citing unidentified press reports. October 11 1954. 0430hrs SASSIER (NIEVRE: FRANCE) Grain merchants Henri Gallois and Louis Vigneron were driving from Clamecy to Corbigny when they felt an electric shock as their car headlights died. They then saw an object in a pasture 50m away. It was cylindrical, fairly thick and three dwarves were making quick, lively movements and gestures nearby. No light was seen, except for a small reddish point. Both men were paralysed until after the craft left. A third witness, Henri Chameau, had seen a lighted object rise over the woods at La Carie
  • Michel 1958, p.158.
  • Vallee Case 234, citing Liberation + Le Parisien both of 14 Oct 1954.
October 11 1954. 1930hrs
Three men from Bordeaux, who did not want their names to be used, were driving along RteCG 40 when they noticed red glow lighting up the area. They got out and saw, 200-300m from the road, a disc, surmounted by a luminous orange-red dome, suspended silently about 10m above the ground. It was about 6m in diameter. The object then moved horizontally behind some woods, its light still shining through three trees. Two of the men went to investigate with a flashlight, and after 400m encountered the machine landed in a field surrounded by trees. Near it were four dwarfs, about 1m tall, engaged in some sort of activity. As the men approached to within 15m, the dwarfs went round the machine and apparently went inside. The object then changed colour blue-orange-red, dazzling the two men, and left the ground at terrific speed.
  • Michel 1958, p.158.
  • Vallee Case 238.
October 12 1954. Afternoon.
A French engineer, Mr de Mekres, driving to Port Lyautey saw a dwarf about 1.2m tall, wearing silver overalls, enter an object that shortly afterwards took off
  • Vallee Case 241, citing La Croix 16 October 1954
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 pp. 105, 138
  • Lorenzen 167, p.95
October 12 1954. Evening
A railway employee Mr Laugere saw a torpedo shaped metallic craft on the ground near a petroleum tank. An individual covered with hair was standing nearby, uttering sounds that were not understood. The witness went to get his friends, but the thing disappeared in the meantime. Jacques Bonabot citing Dubois and Giraud describes this as “a hoax by workmen” (Vallee Case 243 citing Paris-Presse + Liberation 15 Oct 1954:: Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p 141)

October 12 1954. 2100hrs
A farmer Mr Beuc saw a small man enter an object. It glided over the road for 30 then rose rapidly
  • Vallee Case 242, citing Carrouges 1964 p.98.
October 12 1954. 2230hrs.
Gilbert Lelay (13) was out walking near the Ste Marie Farm, about 800m from his house when he encountered a phosphorescent cigar shaped object in a pasture. Standing close to this object was a man in a grey suit, boots and hat. The man put his hand on Gilbert’s shoulder and said “Look but don’t touch”. In his other hand the stranger held a sphere, which emitted purple rays. Shortly afterwards he climbed on board the object, shutting a door with a clapping sound, but not before Gilbert had time to see something like a control panel with numerous flashing lights. The object rose vertically, made a couple of loops, casting light in all directions then vanished.
  • Vallee 1969, p.147 and Case 254 citing Carrouges 1964 p 103.
  • Location corrected from Google.
October 13 1954. 1935hrs
Messes Olivier and Perano, along with a third man, saw a reddish disc about 4m in diameter. Nearby was a small being, about 1.2m tall, wearing a bright, shiny, glass like, diving suit. Its head was large in comparison to the rest of its body and it had two enormous eyes. The object was surrounded by a sort of misty glow. One of the men approached within 20m and was paralysed. The object took off, throwing him to the ground, and rose very fast. Some researchers labelled the case a press hoax, others disagreed.
  • Vallee Case 249 citing La Croix 16 October 1954 + Paris Presse + Liberation 15 October 1954.
  • Samedi Soir 27 October 1954.
  • Alain Gamard.
October 14 1954
Several witnesses saw seven small beings flee into a phosphorescent when they were approached. It took off immediately. Unknown seeds were said to have been found at the spot. According to Bonabot citing Dubois and Giraud this story was a hoax
  • Vallee case 250, citing La Croix 16 Oct 1954.
October 14 1954. 0630hrs.
A man coming out of his house saw a luminous object resembling a star 100m away. Approaching within 20m he observed it was an object 5m long, near which a young man was standing on a circular piece of metal, laughing at the witness’ terrified expression. The craft then took off at an 'unbelievable' speed.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13, 2. p.23 citing Ettela’at 15 October 1954.
October 14 1954. Nightfall.
A farmer observed an orange sphere land and approached it. He found that it was shaped like a flattened dome, 5.5m in diameter, and gave off a blinding light, which illuminated the countryside for about 200m. It was transparent and a dark figure could be seen inside. After remaining at ground level for 10 minutes it flew north, while a bright cloud slowly fell to the ground at the site. When the witness arrived home he found his clothes covered by a white film of adhesive substance, not unlike paraffin wax.
  • Vallee case 255, citing La Croix 16 October 1954:: Michel 1958 p.176)
October 14 1954. 2000hrs
A man saw a dark elongated object egg shaped object, with a dome, standing on a sort of tripod 60cm high. The object was 4m diameter, 2m high. A normal sized human form was in front of it, and it seemed to that the cupola was also occupied. As the witness tried to draw near, he was paralysed. The object took off in the direction of La Rothiere
  • Alain Gamard citing L’Est Éclair 16 October 1954.
October 14 1954. 2100hrs.
While driving their lorry between Domart and Conde-Folie, the cattle dealers Mr and Mrs Dumeige and cattle broker Mr Lourdel caught sight of, near “La Folie” farms, a bright light apparently landing in a field by the road. They stopped the lorry and went to investigate. They then saw, near the light, six or seven little beings walking one after the other. The witnesses were so afraid that they drove away without investigating further.
  • Alain Gamard citing Courrier Picard 16 Oct 1954.

Mid October 1954. 0300hrs.
While walking across the Ely Golf Course and Recreation Park Larry White encountered a globe with a concave wing around its centre. The object stood on a landing gear resembling a lever and rod assembly, “with something like ball bearings set in the part that made contact with the ground”. White conversed with two occupants of the machine, who were standing beside it. They communicated alleged details of the propulsion system and their home planet.
  • Flying Saucers 77, p.30.
October 15 1954.
Near the swimming pool in St-Assiscle, Damien Figueres (56) was walking with his dogs when a reddish luminous sphere landed 30m away and an individual wearing a diving suit walked around it. The dogs barked at him. He boarded the machine, which flew away in silence.
  • Vallee case 261 citing Paris Presse + France-Soir 17 October 1954 + Carrouges 1964, p.120.
October 15 1954. 0500hrs.
Mr Renzo Pugina (37) had returned home from the cinema and was just closing the garage door after putting the car away, when he realised that he was surrounded by a brilliant light. He was just going up the steps of his villa driveway, when he saw, at the top, a strange creature looking around. When the being saw Renzo it turned round and pointed a sort of torch at him. When Renzo yelled out “A Martian”, the creature gave a grimace of annoyance. Renzo felt paralysed and terrified. The being then took off and flew away with a screeching sound. Only then was Renzo able to move and go home, where he told his wife. Both were too frightened to sleep that night and Renzo was afraid to go out for some days afterwards.

The being, which was only 3m from Renzo, was 1.5m tall. When it turned it turned only the top part of its body. It wore a helmet with a transparent band in the lower part, through which he could see its “crushed” face, almond shaped eyes, normal nose and mouth and receding forehead. The upper part of its body was covered by scaly metallic overalls. It seemed to be standing in a sort of tube that covered the lower part of its body. Attached to this was another, thinner, tube, 1.5m long, which terminated in a horizontal disc like a bicycle wheel. This disc, however, did not appear to be actually attached to the tube. Renzo later suffered from extreme anxiety, high temperature and trouble with his eyes. Next day Renzo found a trace where the creature had stood, which trace faded after two or three days.
  • Maurizio Verga citing investigation by group Rigel 2002 + La Provincia + L’Ordine 22 October 1954.
  • Vallee 1969 p.18 + case 295 citing Le Soir 25 October 1954 (gave date incorrectly as 20th)
October 15 1954. 1950hrs.
A yellow cigar shaped object 30m long, 6m diameter, with brilliant portholes, was seen on the ground. Figures in helmets covering the head could be seen inside. A sort of haze was observed at both ends of the object.
  • Vallee case 266, citing Guy Quincy.
October 16 1954.
Bus driver de Rossi saw two objects, one of which made a pass at treetop level. It was top shaped and a small, gesticulating human figure was seen under it.
  • Vallee Case 270, citing Il Tempo + Giornale d’ Italia 17 October 1954. Location corrected from Wikipedia.
October 16 1954. Nightfall
Veterinary surgeon Dr Henri Robert was driving through this village on Route N-314 when he saw four objects at 300m altitude flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one of them dropped to the ground in a dead leaf motion, 100m away. Robert felt an electric shock as his headlights and engine died, and the car stopped, when the object hit the ground. Incapable of moving, Robert saw a figure about 1.2m tall, moving in the light of the object, then all went dark. Sometime later his headlights resumed operating by themselves and Robert saw the craft skimming along the ground, taking off to the north. He was then able to move and restart his car.
  • Vallee Case 274, citing Paris-Pressse 19 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.185.
October 17 1954.1430hrs.
A 65 year old man was hunting with his dog near the junction of the Brilliance Canal and the Durance River, when he saw a grey object about 4m long and 1m high on the ground 40m away. It had a dome from which two helmeted figures emerged. The witness fled but his dog started towards the object, but soon retreated, walking awkwardly as if partially paralysed.
  • Vallee case 279)
October 18 1954. 1000hrs.
Mrs P was looking after her cows at Cote de la Chambre when she heard foreign voices in bushes 50m away. From these came two men, 1.8m tall, wearing black or dark blue overalls. One of then shouted and pointed in the direction of Blanchon’s Mill and two other men appeared along the banks of the La Rozeille stream. 15 minutes later a dog began to bark and then Mrs P saw a cigar shaped machine take off without a sound. It was 5m long, dark in colour and disappeared in the southwest at moderate speed, leaving no trail.
  • Jacques Bonabot, citing INFO-OVNI 1 p.8 citing Le Montagne 27 October 1954.

October 18 1954. 2040hrs.
Mr and Mrs Lherminier saw a cigar shaped red object dive towards them with a reddish trail and land on the road. Upon reaching the top of the hill they were confronted by a bulky human figure, about 1m tall. The creature wore a helmet and its eyes were glowing with an orange light. Four other people saw the object in flight, from separate locations. The countryside was illuminated over 2-3 km.
  • Vallee 1969, p.85 and case 284.
October 18 1954, 2100hrs.
A number of motorists on Route N-150 saw two discs in the sky, one orange, the other red, with a sort of luminous bridge between them. Mr and Mrs Labassiere saw them land in a nearby field. One dwarf came out of each craft and went into the other one, without any communication between them. After this exchange of occupants both objects flew away with a tremendous flash.
  • Vallee Case 285, citing France-Soir + Paris Presse 21 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p 193.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p,319.
October 18 1954. Night.
An artist, Raffaele Castello saw a disc 5m in diameter land slowly on the property of Curzio Malaparte. When approaching it, he discovered that it was not a helicopter and saw four dwarfs wearing overalls emerge from it. After about 30 minutes the beings re-entered the craft, which made a soft whirring sound and rose vertically, leaving blue sparks.
  • Vallee, Case 281 citing France Soir, Le Soir, Paris-Presse all of 20 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958, p.188.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.138 + Perez 1968 p.58 + Pereira 1966 p.196.
October 18 1954. 2245hrs.
Miss Marie-Louise Bourriot (25) was motorcycling on Route N437 when she saw a bright red light about 200m ahead. As she reached the former La Cascade mill she saw a man, 1.5m tall in a dark coat, stood on the footpath. Beside him were two small black beings, which crossed the road less than 10m ahead of Marie-Louise. Three kilometres further along, she looked back to see a red oval object rising vertically above the village.
  • Vallee case 286, citing Quincy and LDLN 97.
  • FSRCH 1, p.16.
  • Michel p.197.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967, p.138.
October 19 1954.
Bruno Sensei saw two shining objects, emitting smoke, and land in a field. Out of them came small, red, monstrous beings that chased him. In a state of great excitement Bruno was brought to a hospital where he tried to hide under a bed, screaming and trembling in terror.
  • Vallee Case 287 citing Il Tempo + Il Messagero + Romento Sera, 20 October 1954.
October 19 1954. 1500hrs
Teacher Gustav Rivet and 19 schoolboys were going for a botany ramble in the country, when at ‘les deux passages’ they heard a slight whistling that suddenly stopped. 30 minutes later they heard the same noise and saw a deep red coloured metallic object. It comprised of a spherical lower part, 1.5m diameter, with oval portholes, surmounted by a rotating disc 50cm thick, which gave off the sound. It stood on square blocks. Around the object were three figures with humanoid trunks, but only one leg that terminated in a spherical stand. They had hook like hands and small conical heads with three eyes in a triangle. They wore leather jackets.
  • Alain Gamard, citing Le Dauphine Libre 20 October 1954.

October 19 1954. 2230hrs
Two men saw a disc shaped object, 6m diameter, hovering and emitting small violet flashes. On top of it was a very high antenna. Two small robot like beings, 1.2m tall, descended from it on a long ladder. Their eyes were sharp and dark red. They said something like “Obano da skigyay o dbano” and went aboard their craft and flew away.
  • Vallee case 289 citing Il Messagero 24 October 1954.
October 20 1954
Farm worker Albert Gerault (15) was cycling between Andigne and St Martin-du-Bois when he caught sight of a light changing from green to yellow that descended to the road in a jerking motion. The boy was panic stricken and his legs were paralysed. The object was transparent and when on the ground emitted a red light. Inside Albert could see a small man, 1.2m tall, covered in hair from head to toe, and with large owl like eyes that seemed to transfix the boy. The object then took off over his head and disappeared in the direction of Le Lion d’Angers. Albert felt a violent blow on his back.
  • Alain Gamard citing Ouest France 21 October 1954.
October 20 1954. 0230hrs
Lazlo Ujvari was suddenly confronted by a man wearing a jacket, boots and cloth headgear (like a pilot’s), who pointed a gun at him and said something that he could not understand. When Ujvari spoke to him in Russian, the stranger replied in the same language and asked whether he was in Spain or Italy, and how far he was from Germany. When asked the time, Ujvari said 0230. The man took his watch and said “You lie, its 4.00 o clock”. He then wanted to know how far and in what direction Marseilles was. He made Ujvari walk on the road with him, and they came close to a grey craft with an antenna on top. When he was about 200m away, Ujvari heard a soft whistling sound and he saw the craft fly straight up, then take an oblique trajectory.
  • Vallee 1969, p.146 + case 291 citing Carrouges 1964, p.99.
October 21 1954.
An egg shaped object, about 5.5m diameter, hovered and landed near the road. Two dwarfs, about 1.2m tall, emerged from it and went back inside almost immediately. The craft took off vertically leaving a red trail. (Vallee, Case 298, citing France-Soir 22 October 1954.

October 21 1954   
A young man walking in a field heard a rustling noise and saw and strange craft land nearby. Getting closer to investigate, he saw a pilot with a diving suit coming out of the craft, which emitted bronze-green rays of light, flooding the whole countryside. The witness was paralysed. A dog barking about 100m away caused the pilot to rapidly return to the craft, which then took off.
  • Vallee Case 297 citing Il Giornale d’Italia 22 Oct 1954)
October 21 1954. 1645hrs.
Mrs Jessie Roestenberg, who had experienced tingling sensations since noon, and her two sons (8 and 6), heard a loud hissing sound outside. They went out, thinking a jet aircraft was overhead. Instead they saw a brilliant aluminium coloured, disc shaped craft with a dome, hovering low over the house. The craft was titled and through two transparent panels, two men could be seen. These men had white skin, long hair to their shoulders and very high foreheads. They wore transparent helmets and turquoise blue ski suits. The beings looked “sternly, not in an unkind fashion, but almost sadly, compassionately“ on the terror stricken family. The machine flashed a purple-blue light, ascended silently, circled the house before moving off faster than a jet, leaving a vapour trail. It was observed moving off over Wolverhampton by a number of people. The witnesses were shocked, Jessie suffered a facial rash, the two boys and her two year old daughter began to act up. The family had other sightings and felt uneasy until they moved house.
  • Gibbons 1956, chapters 7 and 8.
  • Charles Bowen in Bowen 1966, p.4.
  • Vallee Case 298.
  • Lorenzen 1967 p88.
October 22 1954. 1530hrs.
A miner, Casimir Starovki, was about to enter Erchin Forest 700m north west of Erchin Village, when he saw, 4m away, a being about 1.2m tall, with a large head, protruding slit eyes, which had a very small iris, a flat nose and thick red lips. The thing was wearing skull cap, from under which long hair hung down to its shoulders. Its body was bulky and covered with fur. Before Casimir could think of stopping it, it had disappeared.
  • Vallee Case 252.
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  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p.252.
  • Vallee in FSR 10, 1, p.10.
  • Alain Gamard citing Nord Éclair + Nord Matin + La Voix du Nord + La Croix du Nord all of 27 October 1954 + La Croix du Nord 24 October 1954 (this later source says being spoke in an unknown language, and that Casimir saw four other beings inside a (landed) object)
October 23 1954. 0300hrs.
An Italian farmer saw a flying craft descend to ground level about 90m away, with a sound like that of a compressor. It was an egg shaped machine with six wheels and complex machinery. The top half was transparent and flooded with bright white light. Aboard were six men in yellowish coveralls, having human faces and masks. When he touched part of the craft the witness felt a strong electric shocked. One of the occupants for him to stay away. For the next 20 minutes the witness was able to observe the six men apparently busy with instruments. The craft then rose silently to 50, then took off at dizzying speed. Investigators found the imprints of six wheels.
  • Vallee 1969, p.151 + Case 303 citing “personal” sources.
October 24 1954.
A small man with strange glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.
  • Vallee Case 304. citing Guy Quincy.
October 24 1954 1730  hrs.
Near Ste. Catherine a child saw a being emerge from a strange craft. It was a creature with long hair, a hairy face and large eyes like those of cows.. It was dressed in red clothes “like iron” and walked with its legs stiff.
  • Vallee case 305 citing “personal” sources.
October 25 1954. 0600hrs.
At an undisclosed location, Ulderico Cardinali saw a disc shaped craft among the reeds of a swamp. It was 2m in diameter and near it was a small being, 1.4m tall, clad in yellowish-brown overalls. This creature went inside the machine, which took off at very high speed, touching the tops of the reeds.
  • Vallee case 308, citing Oltre il Cielo Vol. 1 p.445.
October 26 1954. Evening.
Aime Boussard (47), a farmer, was suddenly confronted with an individual of normal height (1.6m), wearing a sort of diving suit with a pale green light on either side of the helmet. This individual aimed a beam of blue light at Aime, who was thrown backwards.
  • Vallee Case 311, citing Le Parisien, 28 October 1954.
October 27 1954, 1930hrs.
A farmer, Gilbert Hee was gathering pears when he suddenly saw an elongated object with a light at both ends, resting in the pasture. He dared not investigate but saw cows gathering around it. A few minutes later, the lights went out, and Hee lost interest and went home. Two hours later, 18 year old Mr Cheradame fell from his motorcycle as it abruptly failed at the same spot, and altered neighbours, including Mr Marais, who saw the object again. It moved only slightly and two occupants were seen. They were about 1m tall, walked in a stiff fashion and had clothes like bright armour. They vanished suddenly as the craft took off without noise.
  • Vallee Case 317, citing Carrouges 1964, p.120)
November 1954. 0005hrs.
Mr and Mrs Mozin were driving back to Maubeuge from Montourners, when, as they reached the ‘Belle Hotesse’ inn, they saw some very bright lights by the side of the road, about 2km away. Thinking it was an accident, they hurried to the scene at 120kph. Suddenly, at a distance of 100m or so from the spot, the car lights went out. Silhouetted in a doorway in a cigar shaped machine, 3m long, was a little man, 1.3m tall. He was dressed in a very big helmet, with big gloves and boots, and a “Michelin Man” suit. The being walked towards them, with a clumsy gait, like that of a diver. From the 1.8m high doorway came a light that illuminated the countryside. Through the opening they saw various controls and wires. The couple drove rapidly away, and 50m on, their lights came on again. The observation perhaps lasted for only 10 seconds.
  • Bourret 1977, p.81, citing Andre Darchville.

November 1954. 0600hrs.
Two soldiers, Christophe de Devi and Mr Zopina went to buy some milk, but the found the shop closed. In a ravine near Hospital 294, they heard a buzzing sound resembling that of a small motorcycle, and on the ground, they saw chrome metallic craft, with a luminous orange rim around the edges, and a tail similar to that of an aircraft rudder. 10m from the object were two men of normal height; one, standing in a circular passage located in the lower part of the object, was wearing a pilot’s overall and had wavy hair and brown skin. The other appeared in an opening, talking with the first. They then approached the witnesses, who fled. Near the hospital chapel they encountered their companions, Messes Roch and Issoujom, and the four of them saw the machine take off at terrific speed and disappear in the distance.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Tarade 1969, p.176, citing Maurice Malvillan.
November 1 1954. 0630hrs.
Rosa Lotti (40 was going to the church and cemetery, when, on a country path, by a cypress tree, she suddenly observed an object like double cone with a common base. The craft appeared to be made of a sort of “leathery metal”. In the thickest part were two portholes on opposite sides with a little door between them. Through these Rosa could see two little “kiddie chairs”, back to back, facing the portholes. From behind the spindle emerged two small men, the size of children, about 1m high. They were clean shaven with friendly expressions. They wore grey one piece overalls, with “doublets” and helmets. Apart from their size, they were in all respects human in appearance. These being’s, who spoke in a strange language like Chinese, snatched Rosa’s flowers, and one of them took the stockings she was carrying; the “elder” of the men pointing a dark brown “cardboard package” at her. Rosa then fled; only as she left the scene did she feel afraid. Two little brothers (6 and 9), tending their pigs also saw this scene, and when the 9 year old returned with his father all that remained was a hole in the ground. Workmen also saw the landed craft; several others observed it in flight. The hole was also seen by police investigating Rosa’s story.
  • Segio Conti in FSR 18, 5, p.11 citing La Nazione Italiano 2 and 5 November 1954 + La Nazione Sera November 2 1954 + Il Giorno del Mattino 2, 3 and 5 November 1954 + 2 March 1955 + La Settimana Incom 17 June 1962 + investigations by MUF and Prato UFO Study Group.
November 2 1954. 1030hrs.
Taxi driver Maurilio Braga Godoi was walking home, when, in an empty lot between two houses, he saw a luminous circular machine, about 3m in diameter, on the ground. He tried to run away, but seemed to be rooted to the spot, unable to cry out. When this feeling passed, he felt a great curiosity and approached the craft. He entered it through a sliding door, finding himself in a large circular room than was illuminated by soft light. Here he saw an odd shaped table and began to examine some of the maps on it. He was interrupted by the appearance of three men, less than 1.6m tall, with dark skin, black hair and wearing light grey one-piece overalls. On each of their belts was a devise resembling a gun. These men started to Godoi, conversing in a strange language, forcing him to back out of the craft, completely against his will. Once outside, he jumped down. As he fled he observed the vehicle hovering at 10m altitude. It then climbed silently at high speed, giving off a blue-red or violet glow at the periphery. Godoi was pronounced sane by psychiatrists who examined him.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.198.
November 2 1954. 1600hrs.
Two students, Pietro Alberini and Pericle Sacchi, out hunting, saw a dwarf 1m tall with a “rubber” head and flexible tube connecting its face to a cylindrical container on its back. When they came close to it, the being wrapped itself in a bluish cloud. The men fled.
  • Vallee case 325, citing Oltre il Cielo, not dated)
November 4 1954. Night.
Jose Alves was fishing in the Pardo River when he suddenly saw a craft approach with a wobbling motion and land so near that he could have touched it. It was shaped like two washbowls placed together, about 4.5m in diameter. Too terrified to move, Jose saw three little men with dark skin, dressed in white and wearing tight fitting skull caps, which came out of the craft through a window like opening in the side. They gathered samples of the local vegetation, and one of them gathered waster from the river. They then jumped back into their machine, which took off vertically at speed.
  • Vallee Case 327, citing Lorenzen 1962, p.44.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.105.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p.33.
November 5 1954. 1010hrs. L
Raymond R saw a craft, which made a noise like a large transformer and gave off an orange light, land in a pasture. Three men in dark overalls were standing nearby. One was holding a sort of box that emitted a beam of light 2m long. The other two were holding objects that looked like weapons. Another witness fled and prickling on his face as he ran. Four photographs of the scene were taken. A whitish substance and a circle 3m in diameter, where the ground had an ash like appearance, were found. Considered a hoax by Monnerie, Barthel and Bruckner.
  • Vallee Case 329 citing “personal” sources.
  • Alain Gamard.
November 7 1954.
Messes Muller, Meyer, Settner and Mrs Zimmerman saw a little being that resembled a black radish.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing an undated 1954 edition of Radar.
November 8 1954. 2230hrs.
A man discounted from his bicycle when he observed a light in a little used sports field. In the field he could see a large object glowing like a fluorescent lamp, on or just above the ground. He could see some dark forms moving in front of the craft. As he cycled in panic back towards town, he encountered a group of farmers who returned to the spot with him. Soon a large crowd, perhaps up to 150 people, gathered, observing the machine, which rested on three legs and had a dome emitting a blinding white light and supporting an antenna. They also saw the dwarfs, who were not more than 1.2m tall, and were wearing light trousers, grey jackets and helmets. One had a black face “with a sort of trunk”, and they conversed in guttural tones. When the crowd burst through the gates, throwing bricks and rotten fruit, the little men retreated to the object, which took off vertically at high speed, with a shrill whistling sound. When one member of the crowd had tried to get his boxer dog to attack the dwarfs, it had turned round and bitten its owner instead.
  • Vallee Case 331.
  • Wilkins 1967b, p.250.
  • Edwards 1967a, p.116.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.99.
  • Known Hoax Maurizio Vega.
November 9 1954, 0130hrs.
While lying awake in in his dormitory, Philip Molava had a feeling that something was going to happen, as a cold mist materialised at the foot of his bed. It resolved itself into three figures dressed in monk like robes, two on one side, and one on the other. Time seemed to stand still as the beings appeared to paralyse him. He tried to speak to them, but they did not reply. None of the other boys noticed anything, though one did recall hearing voices. He later had several precognitive and out of the body experiences.
  • Janet and Colin Bord in FSR 24, 3, p.16 citing their own investigation.
November 10 1954
An agronomist and his family in their car saw a landed disc from which two men of normal height, with long hair and overall like clothes emerged and came toward the car with their arms raised. As the frightened witnesses sped away, they saw the men re-enter the disc, which rose and flew off at very great speed.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 48.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p33.
  • Perez 1955 p 43.
November 12 1954. 2200hrs.
Professor Jose Orti watched an object descend to a height of 1m, where it stopped. Through the transparent upper part in the middle, he could make out imprecise forms moving around inside.
  • Richard Heiden, citing Jose V. Soares in O Cruzeiro 15 January 1955.
November 14 1954. 0330hrs.
A lens shaped object was seen on the railway tracks by Mr Cheminot, a railway employee. Near it, three dwarfs, wearing tight fitting luminous suits, were looking at the tracks with a light/ when the witness approached, the men re-entered the craft which took off very fast.
  • Gordon Creighton, in Bowen 1966, p.33, citing Lorenzen 1962.
  • Vallee Case 339, citing Le Soir 15 November 1954 + Creighton op. cit.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.49.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.109.
November 14 1954. Afternoon.
Amerigo Lorenzini, a farmer, saw a bright cigar shaped craft land near him , and so took cover. Out of the object came three dwarfs, dressed in metallic diving suits. They centred their attentions on rabbits in a cage, while speaking amongst themselves in an unknown language. Thinking they were going to steal the animals, Amerigo aimed a rifle at the intruders, but it failed to fire and he suddenly felt so weak that he had to drop the gun. The dwarfs took the rabbits and their craft departed, leaving a bright trail.
  • Vallee Case 339 citing Settimana Incom 17 June 1962.
  • Lorenzen 1967 p.99.
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 pp.145, 159 + Pereira 1966, p.197.
November 23 1954. Afternoon.
Three small girls, Ann (10) and Tora (9) Storedal and Tora Moy Haugo (9) were coming home from school through the woods, when a black object descended, knocking snow off the treetops, and hovered only a few metres above the girl’s heads. It was spherical, 3m in diameter, with yellow glassy spots and red jagged edges on the dark underside. The top was transparent and inside a man dressed in black with huge red glasses over his large eyes was at some controls. He looked at the girls. The object then rose with a droning sound, brushed a high tension wire, striking sparks from it, and filling the whole air with ozone. At this the girls fled. The object trailed a white trail as it descended. A track 25m long was found at the site.
  • Flying Saucer News Bulletin, not dated, citing Civilian Saucer Intelligence Newsletter no. 7 citing Oddvar Larsen in Sir, March 1957 citing his own investigation.
November 25 1954. 1700hrs.
Two 12 year old boys, G Marziano and R Santucci suddenly saw three figures, which, as soon as they were discovered, entered a small spherical craft, concealed 10m away behind some bushes. The beings were only 35cm tall, had very large heads and lead-grey skin. The craft had two sharp pointed propellers in front, which started spinning. The craft took off suddenly with a hissing sound.
  • Vallee Case 343 citing Oltre il Cielo, vol.1, p.445.
November 28 1954. 0200hrs.
Two truck drivers, Gustavo Gonzales and Jose Ponce, found the road blocked by a luminous sphere over 3m in diameter, hovering 2m above the ground. A small creature with claws and glowing eyes came towards them. Gustavo grabbed it, found it strangely light (less than 20kg) and observed that its body was very hard and covered with fur. When Gustavo stabbed at it, his knife was deflected as off metal, and the creature pushed him back. Jose saw two other dwarfs emerge from the bushes and leap into the sphere, carrying stones and other samples. Gustavo was blinded by a light from the craft, and received a severe gash in his side from the creature. This creature also climbed back into the sphere, which took off rapidly. One of the doctors who attended to the pair later admitted that he seen the incident while out on a night call.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.57.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.103.
  • Lorenzen 1969, pp.144, 168.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966, p.33
  • O Cruzeiro, 1 December 1957.
November 28 1954
A group of peasants observed a globular object land and from it emerge three very small men. When in flight the craft left a slight trail.
  • Lorenzen 1969, p.63)
December 4 1954, 0600hrs.
An object was seen on the ground and little beings with large heads were seen inside it.
  • Jacques Bonabot, citing case 24 of a catalogue by Roberto Banchs in Phen Spax 49, p.26 citing La Razon 14 Dec 1954.
December 4 1954. Night.
For several minutes a waiter saw a circular object stationary in a pasture 50m away. It was blue with symmetrical openings, from which a bright red light was emitted. The witness got a rifle and fired twice at a very tall figure that came out of the turret of the object. Immediately a very strong wind was felt and the object took off.
  • Vallee Case 348 citing Il Messagero 5 December 1954.

December 8 1954, approximate date.
An unidentified aerial object landed in various parts of the town. One witness, Thomas Betancourt, grappled with a gelatinous occupant that slipped out of his hands.
  • Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130, p.16, citing El Universal 9 December 1954.
December 9 1954. Evening.
A farmer, Olmiro da Costa e Rosa, observed a stranger standing near a cream coloured “tropical helmet” shaped machine, which was surrounded by haze, and making a noise like a sewing machine. Another figure was looking at a fence, and the head and arms of a third were visible inside the craft. As the witness dropped his hoe, the first stranger smiled, picked it up, and gave it back to him, after which they both motioned for Olmiro to stay away, then re-entered the craft, which rose to 10m, then flew away to the west at high speed. The strangers were of average height, had broad shoulders, long hair, very white skin and slanted eyes. They wore brown overalls ending in shoes without heels.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.52.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.106.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966, p.34.

December 10 1954. 1830hrs.
A doctor from Caracas, who was deriving, with his father, between La Carlota Airdrome and Francisco de Mirandada Avenue, stopped his car as two little men were running into the bushes. Soon thereafter a luminous disc rose from the side of the road with a sizzling sound and flew away.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.49.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.15.
  • Lorenzen 1969, p.63.
December 10 1954. Evening.
While out rabbit hunting, two young men, Lorenzo Flores and Jesus Gomez, saw a bright object near the Trans-Andean highway. On approaching it, they saw it was shaped like two bowls glued together, about 3m diameter, hovering at less than 1m above the ground. The underside was a source of fiery light. Four small beings, about 1m tall, emerged and attacked Gomez. Flores beat the creatures off, his rifle being broken on their extremely hard, hairy bodies. Despite their great strength the creatures appeared to be very light. When Gomez recovered consciousness the two fled and so did not see the craft take off. Police who investigated saw the boys’ bruises and torn clothes. Evidence of a struggle was found at the scene.
  • Lorenzen 1962, p.43.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.49.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.105.
  • Lorenzen 1969, pp.63, 169.
December 11 1954. 1700hrs.
Farmer Pedro Morales was alerted by a chicken squawking and saw an object hovering and oscillating at low altitude. It had a bottom like an “enormous polished brass kettle”. Its upper part resembled a jeep hood, and it made a noise like a sewing machine. In a nearby field were two little men that appeared to lack faces. They were dressed all over in a “yellow coloured sack”. One kneeled and picked a tobacco plant from the ground, while the other ran toward the witness, gesturing him to leave. They got into the craft, which disappeared into the sky in a few seconds. No trace of the machine was found, nor any footprints of the beings.
  • Lorenzen 1962, p.46.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.53.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.107.
  • Lorenzen 1969, p.171.
December 13 1954. 0100hrs.
An occupant report. No further details.
  • Pereira 1966, citing Gonzalez 1961, p.219.
December 15 1954.
A man fishing in the river 400m away from his holiday home heard his dog howl and saw a sphere 2m above the ground. Attached to its bottom were three balls, and a second, smaller, sphere was rotating around it. From the large object three very small men descended with rapid and agile movements. They collected samples, returned to the machine, two of them re-emerging to repeat this operation. The samples were collected in a metallic tube with a conical end by one of the beings, and placed in a luminous basket by the other. This completed they re-entered and both objects took off at high speed. They had removed calcareous material from the river bank, leaving square holes, some large enough to hold a man.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.195.
  • Lorenzen 1969, p.289.
December 16 1954. Night.
In the Ministry of Agriculture Exposition Park, three young men encountered a dwarf, which attacked one of them, Jesus Paz, before fleeing into a disc shaped machine that took off immediately with a loud buzzing noise. It was flat and had been hovering just above the ground. Paz received deep cuts, as if from a wild animal and had to be taken to hospital.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.55.
December 19 1954. 2300hrs.
Jockey Jose Parra (18) saw six small creatures loading stones into a disk shaped machine hovering 3m above the ground. He tried to run away but was paralysed by a violet beam aimed at him by one of the beings. All of the beings then re-entered the object, which then took off.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p.57.
  • Lorenzen 1967, p.105.
December 28 1954. 0330hrs.
A group of seven people (a female music manager, an impresario and five Spanish musicians) were returning along Rt 143 to Mendoza, after the opening of a new radio station in San Rafael. About 20 minutes out of the town, one of the group saw a light by the side of the road. They first thought that it was a fire, but then saw it came from an object giving off a blue light, like that of welding, or the flame of pure alcohol. This object was resting in a field 100-200m away. It was shaped like two superimposed plates, joined at the edge, with no structural features visible. The party stopped, got out and approached. When they were 50m from the object they noticed two human figures 1.7m tall, wearing dark one piece diving suits that extended into hoods covering their heads, so that their facial features could not be discerned. The two beings headed towards the object, which they entered by a rectangular door which opened against the luminous background. When this object closed, the object began to emit vapour from its circumference, and then it rose vertically to a few metres altitude, where it stopped. Then, some distance from the main body of the craft, two red lights appeared, flashing alternately. The alarmed witnesses retreated to their car and drove off at speed. As they did so the strange machine followed them. Finally after 20 minutes it was lost to sight in the dawn fog.
  • Richard Heiden + MUFON UFO Journal 139 p.10, citing O Revista Atom 4, p.7 + Uriondo 1972 p.23 citing his own investigation.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Banchs catalogue case 27 in Phen. Spax. 49, p.26 citing CEFAI No 1.