INTCAT 1946 - 1949

May 1946 - Evening                           
Industrialist Gosta Carlsson was coming back from collecting pollen for his bees when he observed a light among the trees. In a clearing was a disk shaped machine 16m diameter, 4m thick. It had a cupola with oval windows, and was surmounted by a projection 1.5m high which gave off a purple light. Beneath the machine were an oblong fin, two metallic landing legs and a small ladder which came down from a door near the fin. Around the edge of the disk were a number of openings. Beyond the object stood a man in white close fitting overalls, who gestured to Carlsson ,who was now only 10m away from the machine, to halt. There were ten other occupants in or around the craft, three of them women. They put down their tools and looked at the witness. They were medium height, thin, had sunburned looking skin, the women had auburn hair. They wore black boots, gloves and waist bands and transparent helmets, the men wearing skull caps. The man who had gestured to Carlsson now pointed a black box at him, causing his miner’s helmet to go out. The beings seemed isolated by a sort of canopy of light. One of the women came out of the cabin and through an object at the witness across this canopy. When it was later retrieved it was found to be made of silicon. Carlsson also noticed a smell of ozone. He decided to return to the lake for about 30 minutes, then to go home via a different route, As he did so he saw the object take off, trailing jets from the openings along the bottom. Circles were found at the spot, visible in aerial photographs taken in 1947 and later but not in those taken in 1939.
  • Sven Olof Fredrickson in FSR 18, 2 p15 citing investigation by GICOFF
  • Eugen Semitjov in Allers no 44)
Summer 1946 - 0015                
Vida Goldsworthy and her sister Mrs Maudwin were standing at the entrance to their apartment block as their dog ran on to some waste ground, when they heard a thud and looked around to see if anyone had thrown something at the dog. Over the hotel about 200m away an object was hovering 15m above the ground (1.5 above the hotel roof). It was Saturn shaped about 7.5-9m diameter, 4.5m high. The rim was brown at the edges, white in the centre, while the sphere was bright golden. The ladies began to lose interest, then noticed that the dog was standing quite at their feet.

They then heard a clicking sound and saw that the sphere had descended from the saucer to the level of the hotel roof. After a few seconds there was another click and the sphere moved up again, through the solid surface of the saucer, where it hung, supported by two metallic pillars, while the contraption began to rotate. As the sphere moved up, 2 very tall (about 2m) men with fair complexions and short wavy hair appeared. They had all white uniforms with brown belts at the waist, stiff collars and pockets on their jackets. They had their arms behind their backs and seemed to be standing on a platform against a rail. They appeared to watch the women as their craft floated away, being lost to sight in two minutes.
  • John Judge in FSR 24, 5 p14, citing his first hand investigation.
August 1946 - 2030                  
A young man cycling home encountered a pan shaped object by the road. Nearby were two small beings 90cm-1m tall. One of the beings was holding on to an acacia branch, which he broke off before re-entering the machine through an opening in the underside. Traces of burning were found at the site. Some investigators suspected a hoax. UFO Register Vol 6, p8.
  • GESAG 43, p7.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Hugo Hus in GESAG Special Bulletin, p17

Late August 1946 - 1715          
Margaret Louise Sprankle, a civilian employee at Tinker Air Force Base, had just arrived back at her 22nd Street home, when, above an evergreen, she saw an object hovering at low altitude 90m away at an elevation of 45 degrees. I was a vertical disk about 22m in diameter, its broadside facing her. In the lower right hand quadrant of the disk were 12-14 square windows, through which light was shining, apparently sunlight coming in from similar windows on the other side of the disk. This light silhouetted the head and shoulders of an occupant in each window. They gave the impression of being large round, bald heads (or possibly helmets of some sort), pale in colour, with dark somewhat close set eyes and narrow shoulders. They seemed to be somewhat short and to be moving slightly. The machine was the colour of dull aluminium, silent and odourless. When the machine turned to leave she saw it was shaped like two saucers put together. As she called to her mother the object disappeared to the north-west in less than 5 seconds. The witnesses had a technical background and was considered competent and sincere by investigators.
  • Ted Bloecher in Skylook 80 p6 citing investigation by Mildred Higgins and Lou Farish.
  • Personal communications from Ted Bloecher and Lou Farish
A man saw a disc land and from it emerge a small being who said “intelligence is forbidden for constipated people and cancer comes from stomach ache”, then re-boarded the object which then took off.
  • Alain Gamard 1979, citing Zurcher citing Aime Michel.
1947 – Morning
17 year old Jose Carmen Garcia met a very tall gaunt looking man, who resembled an albino with hollow distorted features. The stranger told the farmer that he had been held captive by "humanoids" in the interior of a nearby inactive volcano. His captives spoke in an unintelligible gibberish and lived on giant vegetables. The stranger then sketched a formula on a piece of paper which he claimed was the secret to growing huge vegetables, which he had memorised. He then walked away The farmer indeed has been able to grow giant vegetables ever since.

  • Fortean Times 33, p31, citing San Francisco Chronicle 9 February 1980, Stillwater (Minnesota) Gazette 30 May 1980, North Shore News 8 June 1980, all (?) citing investigation by William Robinson of San Diego.
An occupant report, no further details.
  • Jader Pereira catalogue.
A landing and occupant report No further details and may be a duplicate of the CAV case.
A landing and occupant report. No further details.
1947 - Day
A young woman was driving on a highway on the outskirts of Fort Worth, when a discoid object 8m diameter flew overhead. The witness stopped her car and waved at the object, which tilted, the occupants gesturing back. The silent object then moved off.
  • Trench 1966, p97.
June 10 1947 – 2230 hrs
A 70 year old woman saw, outside her window, travelling fast, a circular object in which she could see, sitting, a slim man in what looked like a navy uniform.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Worcester Daily Telegram, 7 July 1947.
July 1947 – 1500 hrs
Mrs M. S. was cycling along the road to Rouen, following the course of the Seine, when she saw on the road ahead, a sort of giant rugby ball 3m long, 2m high. Close by the object were two small beings about 1m tall. As she got within 100m of this spectacle, the lady rang her cycle bell. The two beings got up, looked at her and quickly entered the object, which then rose to about 100m., where it hovered, oscillating, for several seconds, before taking off at great speed. The witness then continued on her way, wondering what kind of ‘deviltry’ she had been witness to.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Bulletin no 5, citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p85, citing Ouranus, Phen. Incon. 4.
July 7 1947
Gene Gamachi of South 8th Street and some neighbours, including I. W. Martesson and Gordon Pollock observed a number of disc shaped objects land on a roof. From these emerged several small beings which fled when reporters approached.
  • Bloecher 1967, case 547 and Bloecher personal communication citing Tacoma Times Tribune, 8 July 1947.
July 8 1947 (approx. date)
A man driving by an airfield saw a disk land and from it emerged two “luminous beings all heads and arms and legs”. They exchanged gestures with the witness before returning to the object, which took off in a cloud of dust.
  • Gross 1976 citing Nashville Tennessean 9 July 1947.
July 8 1947
A merchant seaman was walking in Acres Home addition when a large silver disk landed in front of him. A being 60cm tall, with a disproportionately large head “the size of a basketball” emerged, shook hands with the witness, then re-entered the object, which ascended rapidly.
  • Bloecher 1967, 678.
  • Ted Bloecher personal communication citing Houston Daily Post 9 July 1947.
July 13 1947 – Day
Topographer Jose Higgins and some of his workers heard a high pitched whistling sound and saw a circular machine with protruding edges. The workers fled as the object landed 50m away. It appeared to be 50m wide, 5m high, crossed by tubes and made of a grey-white metal, and landed on legs. As Higgins approached he noticed an opening trough which 2 beings could be seen. A sort of door then open through which 3 of the beings emerged. They were dressed in a kind of transparent suit, through which it could be seen they were wearing shirts, short pants and sandals, and carrying a sort of metallic pack on their backs. They were almost hairless, with large round eyes, were of indeterminate sex and were about 2m tall. They appeared to be identical to each other.

They formed a sort of triangle around Higgins, one of them pointing a sort of tube at him, as if to force him into their craft. One of the beings made a drawing of a sport on the ground, surrounded by 7 circles. They centre they called “Alamo” and the 7th circle “Orque”. Higgins fled and hid, and from his refuge watched the beings jump high into the air and toss huge stones. After about 30 minutes of this play, they re-entered the machine which took off. Higgins felt that the beings were beautiful, and if it had not been for the presence of the other workers, he would have regarded the episode as a “strange and fascinating dream”.
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August 14 1947 – 0900
The painter and writer, Rapuzzi Luigi Johannis was walking by a dried up stream on the lower slopes of Carnico del Col Gentile. He emerged from the clumps of fir trees to see a large, red, lencticular object 10m wide no more than 50m away. It had a low central cupola with no openings and its surface seemed to be mad of varnished metal. At its tip was a sort of telescopic antennae. As he prepared to climb up and examine the object, he noticed 2 short figures he thought were boys about 50m away. He ran towards them, pointing to the disc, but when he got half way, he was terrified to realise that they were 3 strange dwarfs no more than 90cm tall coming towards him with tiny strides. When they came within a few paces he felt paralysed.

He was now able to observe that they were wearing dark blue translucent overalls, with collars and deep belts of a red colour. Their heads were larger than those of a normal man, their skin was an “earthy green”, their noses straight, sharp and long, with a slit like mouth which opened and closed like that of a fish. They had enormous, round, protruding eyes, with a vertical pupil, no eyebrows or eyelashes and ring like eyelids. After a couple of minutes he found the strength to wave his pick at the direction of the object and shout something. At this one of the creatures put his right hand to his belt, and from the centre came a smoke like ray which gave him a violent electric shock which knocked him to the ground.

As he lay, unable to move, on the ground the dwarfs came closer and one picked up the pick, which was almost as big has he was, in a green 8 digit (4 opposed to 4) hand. They were panting like dogs. As J struggled to sit up, he saw them walk back and re-enter the disc, which took off from the cleft, dragging stones behind it. It came within 4-5m of J who was terrified he would be cut by its sharp edge. The object then tilted, grew smaller and vanished. As it did so, J was again knocked backwards by a shock wave which threw dust in his eyes. he was dazed for some time and his limbs ached. His thermos flask was shattered, with its metal case missing, and there was no sign of his pick.
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1948 - 0300  hrs
Mrs Lena Murphy was awoken by a figure on her veranda. When this figure entered her room she saw it was a “monster” with a mottled lumpy face, slit eyes, huge yellow teeth, orange spiky hair and huge hands which curved into talons. It wore a light fitting, tight fitting one piece suit made of a thin material which ended at the knees and elbows. The creature appeared to be about to attack her grandson Mike, so Mrs Murphy grappled with the creature which only fled when her husband arrived in answer to her cries. An odour like decaying flesh was left behind.
  • M. G. Murphy in Fate UK November 1967 p24.
1948 - Morning
Otaviano A Souza Bueno was strolling near the Betione Creek when he saw a round luminous object descend silently on to one of the banks of the stream. Three beings of “less than medium height” emerged from the machine with extremely rapid movements. They began to collect samples using a tube which made holes in the ground. After the craft had left, the witness approached the spot and noticed that the holes were all completely equal and perfectly square. The analysis of the residue showed Silica 61%, Alumina 19% Magnesium 11% and other trace elements.
  • Hulvio B Alexio in FSR 15,1 12 citing CIOCANI Report no 35.
On two occasions a watchmaker, Mr Galbraith observed a disk shaped machine land. On the first occasion a man got out and collected soil samples, he appeared friendly but the craft produced a sort of force field which pushed Galbraith back and flattened the surrounding grass. On the second occasion he saw a cigar shaped object land in a wooded area and an occupant (one according to Leslie, three according to Quincy) or occupants were seen inside. A police patrol looking for an escaped criminal saw a light in the woods, but was prevented from approaching by an invisible wall. Galbraith again reported that at least one occupant smiled at him, through this “wall” prevented him approaching.
  • Leslie in Adamski 1956 p26 citing letter from Galbraith.
  • Magonia Case 64 citing Guy Quincy’s catalogue.
1948 – Night
The owner of a flock was sheltering from a storm in a cabin, when he heard voices outside and opened the door thinking it was someone lost. He saw a small man, who he invited in. The stranger came in without speaking, at which the witness saw that he had legs like a goat. The witnesses panic stricken screams caused the creature to flee. The witness then saw a sort of fireball ascending not very far away. Thinking he had an encounter with the devil, the man became a fervent Catholic.
  • Ballester 1976 case 7, citing CEI (Madrid) citing David Lopez.
1948 - 2355 hrs
Two sisters putting out the dog became aware of a very bright light apparently right above them. As it moved away they could see small green men sitting on a ledge on the side apparently singing unintelligible words to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”
  • Basterfield 1981, citing TUFOIC files.

January 6 1948 1500
A number of people, including Mrs Bernice Zaikowski and some children returning from school saw a man flying above Mrs Zaikowski’s barn at 65m altitude. He was equipped with silver wings held on to his body by straps and was manipulating some controls on his chest. As he shot upwards, the wings retracted.
  • Keel 1970b p 205
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April 3 1948 0635
Busman Giuseppe Langiane and station master Giuseppe Navota saw a bright orange, umbrella shaped object approaching them from the west at about 60kph. It then stopped 10m above a hill 500m away. A warm light flashed around for a couple of minutes. Then from the bottom of the machine a puppet like figure descended toward the ground, The being was about 1,5m tall, wearing a rigid metallic overall, with two openings where his eyes should have been. As the witnesses ran towards him, the being was sucked up into the disk, which oscillated a little and then sped away. It was soundless.
  • Edoardo Russo citing UFO in Italia I p.94, citing GdM 23.
April 6 1948
Laundry workers Mrs Viola Johnson and James Pitman saw three men with helmets and dark flying suits fly past at 60m altitude at the speed of a freight train. They could not see any propellers etc, but the men wore something resembling guns at their sides. They heard the sound of a plane.
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May 25 1948
Just before this town Hans Klotzbach lost consciousness from severe leg injuries after jumping from a moving train. He awoke in what appeared to be a cabin bathed in opal blue, inside a saucer shaped machine. A voice addressed him in German claiming that saucer occupants had taken pity on him, and talked about catastrophic changes. When Hans recovered consciousness again he was lying in a field 10km from the jump point, his injuries healed, and 4 days having passed since the accident.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15, 5, p20 citing Klotzbach 1962.
Autumn 1948 - Morning
A woman drawing water from a well heard a noise and saw what she thought was a plane land in a wheat field. Two bearded long haired men in robes got out, and came through the fields towards her. They addressed her in oddly accented English, conversing for about 20 minutes. The incident had a strange dreamlike quality and she fled, afraid, to her house where she again encountered the second being. Both beings then left and re-entered the spherical object in the field, which ascended rapidly and vanished. Traces remained in the cornfield.
  • Ted Bloecher personal communication, citing Beyond Reality Sept 1973 citing Cadsden (AL) Times 25 March 1973.
A woman leaving her country house observed a luminous object approaching. Inside she saw the heads of humanoid occupants. She called the neighbours and they all observed the beings in the object throw down a tin of canned food. The object then moved out of sight. The witness then ate the food, which had a strong but not salted flavour.
  • Leonte N Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30, 1 p1 5 citing investigation by Miguel Antonio Fiallo.
February 17 1949 - Night
Alain Bernard saw a large, bright object land near his farm with a green lightning flash. It then became dark. As he approached the object Bernard saw with stocky short legs, apparently without heads. Frightened he fired at them three times. A moment later the object took off vertically.
  • Vallee case 69 citing Oltre il Cielo Vol 1.
August 19 1949
Two prospectors, Buck Fitzgerald and Mase Garney saw a disk shaped object 7m in diameter land. Two dwarfs emerged but they were lost in the sand dunes when pursued. The object disappeared. It had been travelling at about 480 kph and made a whizzing sound.
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